Amy’s Pendant by D.L. Morrese

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Publication Date: March 9, 2013

DM_Amys_PendantAmy gets a pendant from her cousin, Muce, for her 14th birthday. Her aunt believes it might be magical; and the more Amy handles it, the more she agrees. The pendant starts to glow when Amy visits a spot on her grandparent’s farm. So when life (her mother losing her job) forces her to make the long journey back, Amy revisits the place to find something on the other side of a cave wall that she would have never imagined. Artificially intelligent squirrels, rabbits and a special raccoon named Ralph bring a new knowledge that the medieval world she left is not all that is out there. What is out there doesn’t want her to go home? Can she beat Mark Seven and return to her beloved family with the help of her furry friends?




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