Special Dead: Book Two by Patrick Freivald

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Publication Date: July 12, 2013

PF_Special_DeadAni Romero is one of eight zombie survivors of Prompocalypse. She and her fellow zombies are now learning chained to their desks and watched over by armed guards. Once they’re declared not human, only a court appeal keeps them alive waiting and hoping for a cure. Will it come in time and will it be all it was supposed to be? Special Dead is the second book in the Twice Shy series.





I received this book as an Advanced Reader‘s Copy from the author through Library Thing.


Have you ever read a novel and felt that you were missing something? Readers of this review will probably say, “You should have read the first novel.” I’m not talking about things that might have been explained in the first novel. There are elements in this novel that a reader thinks, “Okay, that will eventually be explained” and those little mysteries never really are explained.

That said, Freivald has some great moments. Again, I hadn’t read the first book so when I’m reading Ani’s initial thoughts and she’s reminiscing longingly about the warm blood and taste of brains this reader was stopped and had to go back and read. Yes, she did say warm blood and brains. Okay. Most of the teens (and younger adults) are still pretty aware of whom they were and from that aspect Special Dead is pretty fascinating. Ani is well developed as a character with a history and the reader gets involved with Ani and her friends.

If you are a reader who enjoys a good zombie novel, you’ll find Special Dead a little out of the ordinary. Frievald’s take on zombies and their origin is interesting as is the way in which he treats them in the novel. Special Dead is geared to young readers and encourages them to explore within themselves issues outside of the realm of the novel.

Special Dead will appeal to a young audience. Ani and her friends are a little silly and while the story involves deep issues, it also has that cool factor where characters are in real jeopardy because of their differences. Children might not relate that being judged by surface things to their own life but they may have an idea that things could truly be worse. I did not ask Alex to read this novel because of time but also because I didn’t believe it would really appeal to her. I’d recommend Special Dead for children ages 12-14.


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