Return to Finndragon’s Den by Richie Earl

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Publication Date: May 29, 2013

RE_Return_Finndragon_DenWelsh siblings, Megan, Emma and Scott are home and reunited with their mother having been told never to return to Dafydd’s Kingdom. The problem is that the children haven’t found their father. There’s also the matter of the prophesy about the siblings defeating the evil wizard. How can they stay away when the Kingdom needs them? Return to Finndragon’s Den (Tales of Finndragon Book 2) is the sequel to Earl’s 2011 release, The Legend of Finndragon’s Curse (Tales of Finndragon). The first novel was reviewed on this site earlier in the year. Click here to read that review.



Earl starts the novel with the events of the previous book scrolling through Emma’s head like episodes…or chapters. While not the worst way to recap the previous novel, it has to be pretty high up there. Going for Earl is that it’s quick unlike the setup in the previous book; and we’re back to the action and picking up pretty much where the last novel left off. There’s never really a question as to if they’ll go back or not; and Earl doesn’t belabor the point.

The children exude a new confidence in Return to Finndragon’s Den (Tales of Finndragon Book 2). They’ve learned from their experiences and their characters have evolved. They are balancing risk and reward and know what they have to do and that they may not come back. The realistic growth enhances this series and a reader’s connection with the characters. When Scott is injured his sisters care for him but he presses on modeling for children team spirit and courage.

I said in my prior review that The Legend of Finndragon’s Curse (Tales of Finndragon Book 1) was often wordy and repetitive. Earl does not repeat those mistakes in Return to Finndragon’s Den (Tales of Finndragon Book 2). Action is this author’s forte and the flow of writing is smooth and easy. There are no issues with repetition of action or idea. Earl dives into the story with enthusiasm locking the reader to the narrative and plot.  Earl’s construction is solid. While I found the ending a bit muddled it held up to the excitement that built in the fight against Finndragon’s Curse.

Return to Finndragon’s Den (Tales of Finndragon Book 2) is a great novel for children ages 9-14. Teen novels are hot in the adult market these days and if you’re an adult who prefers YA, you could not do better than this series. I would recommend reading both but if you’re not able to read the first, Earl does prepare the reader and I believe the story could be enjoyed on its own.


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