Pepe by Robby Charters

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Publication Date: December 27, 2013

RC_PepeIt’s the near future and there are people living on Mars. On Earth, Don Juan Clemente is President and people who oppose him just seem to disappear. Pepe is a homeless boy living with his adopted sister Po. He has no idea of his importance and how essential is not found. With an old mystic and young hacker on his side he struggles to evade capture. Can they keep him safe or will he be found and all lost?





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Eternal Destiny: Diamond Peak 4 by Tahlia Newland

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Rabid Readers Too is taking part in the Diamond Peak Blog Tour! To check out my review of Lethal Inheritance (Diamond Peak 1) click here


Publication Date: October 2, 2013

TN_Eternal_DestinyAriel Malony and Nick Walker are reaching the end of their journey and an inevitable face off with the Master Demon that will either free or end humanity.






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The Alchemyst: The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

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Publication Date: May 22, 2007

This is the first review written solely by Alex; the 11-year-old sometimes contributor to Rabid Readers Too.

MS_Alchemist_Book_01Book: The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

Author: Michael Scott

Book 1 in the 6 part series

Release Date: 22 May, 2007

Pages: 375

Cover Artist: Michael Wagner

Nicholas Flamel was born on September 28,1317, people say he died in 1418 but his tomb is empty! He has been alive for 700 years, now known at the greatest alchemist of his day!

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Sia by Josh Grayson

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Publication Date: November 20, 2013

JG_SiaSia wakes in a park with no clue as to her identity, but a name on an Ipod. She finds herself homeless on the brutal streets. When Sia is located and returned to her home, she discovers that in the life she can’t remember she was cruel and judgmental. Her life on the streets has changed her but can she convince her peers and what will happen when her memory returns?





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Legends of Amun Ra 2: The Soul of the World by Joshua Silverman

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Publication Date: November 1, 2013

JS_Legend_Soul_World“The Soul of the World” picks up two years after Legends of Amun Ra The Emerald Tablet. The fight between good and evil in Potera rages on. An ancient power returns and a power struggle ensues. Who will win?





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Sabien’s Quest: The Light – Part One by Shomari Black

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Publication Date: November 2, 2011

SB_Sabien_Quest_Light_01Fifteen-year-old Sabien the Hunchbacked Monk finds himself on the top of the Kingdom’s Most Wanted list while on a quest to recover a holy relic. Sabien’s Quest: The Light is the first novel in a planned series.





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The Dark Citadel (Green Woman) by Jane Dougherty

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Publication Date: October 3, 2013

JD_Dark_CitadelDeborah Givenchild was taken from her parents when her mother fled and given to a family without a daughter. She has been reviled, but has grown up not to cave as her gender is supposed to do but to fight back. At the age of 15, she’s about to be married off to the man of the elder’s choice. He’s a purposeful brute meant to put her in her place and Deborah simply isn’t going along with the plan. When she’s taken to the House of Corrections she meets Zacariah, a boy with dreams. He wants to be an engineer but career path is at the whim of the elders and he knows that things simply aren’t right. Can Deborah escape her fate and find her mother; the one woman who knows what Earth was like before everyone lived his or her bleakly planned lives in a dome?



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Tribal Scarring by Gary Taaffe

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Publication Date: October 11, 2011

GT_Tribal_SearringBilly isn’t yet ready for his walkabout. It’s time for Billy to become a man. Becoming a man in Billy’s world involves a knife where it shouldn’t be and a lot of blood. Can the spirit of his mother help him through and help him prepare to find some girls? Tribal Scarring (Urban Hunters) is the second book in the Urban Hunters series.





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Steps into Darkness by Ben Woodard

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Publication Date: August 14, 2013

BW_Steps_Into_DarknessTom and Will are back and looking to solve a mystery of sabotage. With F.B.I. Agent Rick Sweeney along for the ride they follow the clues but will they regret where the clues lead?

Steps Into Darkness (A Shakertown Adventure) is the second novel in the Shakertown series.




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Rabid Readers Too is taking part in our first book blitz! This is not a review of a novel but a tour post composed by the fabulous Ren Reidy of A Little Bit of R&R Blog Tours to bring awareness to one author on a certain day.

Todays author is January Valentine and her novel is “Beautiful Experiment.” Check out the excerpt below!


Title:  Beautiful Experiment  (Book One of Island of Defiance Trilogy)

Author: January Valentine

Genre:  Teen  Paranormal Fantasy

Release date: June 1, 2013


Six unruly teens are abducted on their way to a juvie home. Dumped onto an uncharted island. Could things get any worse? Hell, yeah. Hostility and envy run rampant. Throw in some alphas, divas and demons, and what do you have? Beautiful Experiment. Book One of the Island of Defiance Trilogy.

The teens are referred to as waywards, informed their parents have sent them to the island for rehabilitation. While they struggle with their predicament, and each other, they come to a shocking realization … for once in their lives, they have to follow rules.

Brook has lived on the Island of Defiance his entire life, with no choice but to believe everything he has been taught. As he approaches eighteen, the secret of who he is, and the ultimate fate he must face, begins to unfold. To complicate matters even more, Brook grows to experience something he has never known … love.

How do you convince a stranger a dreadful mistake has been made? Gabriella Winslow is an honors student who has always helped others, but now has to fight for herself. Something unimaginable wants her as much as the beautiful island boy with whom she is falling in love.

Beautiful Experiment is Book One of The Island Of Defiance Trilogy (paranormal – fantasy – romance – for teens and adults) Mature 16+ for adult language, drugs & alcohol, mild sexual situations & mild violence.

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(Brook and Father are waiting on the beach for the skiff to arrive with a new delivery of wayward teens. This is Brook’s first encounter with the supernatural force that will intensify until he eventually learns exactly what is attempting to overtake him, and why.)

The surging tide is tempting. I’m concentrating on the foam that is quickly erasing my footsteps. It’s not the caw of gulls that alerts me, because the winged creatures have vanished. In their place, the air is filled with my name. I lift my face to something startling, and my heart begins to pound.

The sky has burst into flame. Red and gold, it’s raging. The sun is the sky. Scorching. Shooting stars, like flaming spears, are dropping all around me. If I don’t shut my eyes, I’ll be blinded. If I do, I’ll be nothing but a solid target. The wind wails like a mother who has lost her child. “When the third moon falls, the beast will devour the sky.”

As suddenly as it started, it ends. I’m standing beside Father, totally disoriented. Am I standing? I look down at my feet, because I feel legless. I’m floating. Struggling to regain control of my mind, my body, the shock.

I grip the clipboard and pen with my knees, so that I can draw my palms across my twitching eyelids, astonished that I’m actually still holding onto anything.

“Did you see that flash? Did you hear that creepy voice?” I’m breathless, massaging my pounding temples with burning fingertips. “My head feels like it’s about to split open.” I rattle each eardrum with a pinky, then plug my ears to listen intently. Was the urgent whisper that turned me to stone inside my head? Phantom sounds? I’ve never experienced this kind of phenomenon before. “My eyes pain.”

Father regards me with a mix of surprise and concern. “You have a migraine?”

“Migraine?” I scoff. What the fuck, loops through my head. I’m freaked out, left with a strange feeling this is not going to be like other days. I try to shake it off, like I shake him off.

The sky is now clear and so perfectly blue, it looks as though it’s been painted by deliberate strokes of an artist’s brush. It is a seamless dome of beauty. If we were not receiving today, I might be lying on the pristine beach, permitting my thoughts to wander far beyond my own boundaries. Maybe I’d be lounging on my bluff, or climb my watchtower tree, burrow into its welcoming arms where I collect my years, watch over all that is mine.

“Feeling better?” His voice is buffered, but coarse enough to jar me from thought.

Skimming Father, my gaze snaps back to the waves, the skiff that is almost upon us. “I’m fine.” I don’t mention how bad my body aches, and feels like it’s being torn apart. I stretch my arms, then my neck, trying to pin down what I did to cause these muscle spasms. The bomb that’s about to explode in my head.

When the ocean is calm it’s translucent, sparkling with sunlight as though it’s coated with billions of precious gemstones. Today it’s not much more than rolling waves and seaweed.

“I’ve never seen it this rough.” Between wind and thunderous surf, I have to face him or my voice will be useless.

“Storms.” His reply is blunt.

“You wouldn’t know it by the sky.” I bring my gaze to a more pleasant sight.

“There’s one brewing out there. You’d feel it if you had my knees.” Staring gravely at the ocean, his body is rigid.

“Are you in pain?”

“Nothing I can’t handle.”

“Let’s hope the weather holds off until we’ve settled them.”

“Rain or shine, we’ve got our work cut out for us, Brook.”

“As always.” My stomach rises to my throat as I watch their approach. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to this way of life. Do I want to? Of course not. There are so many other things I’d rather be doing right now, like hopping onto that boat, and for starters, checking out the other side of this island.

Beyond the boat, a floating veil of mist rolls in like billows of steam from a tremendous boiling kettle. I am no longer able to see the large vessel from which the skiff was launched.

The atmosphere of the island is as such, inviting one moment, rejecting the next. Father calls it a gentle beast, with characteristics and charm like the women he has known. My glance shifts, falling upon the shoreline curve where a jetty, composed of rocks chiseled and stacked by nature, projects like the nose of a dolphin and the forest begins. This is as far as my eyes pan.

“Thank you for cutting your hair.” For a moment his eyes wash over me, then his gaze refocuses on the others who are struggling against the relentless current. “I know it pains you.”

“Don’t you mean shearing?” I huff. “I don’t understand why I can’t grow it long. I have awesome hair, or so I’ve been told.” I smirk.

He shoots me a phony glare. “You’ve been told, huh? No cozying up to any of these girls. I don’t want another batch begging to stay.”

“I’m not a womanizer. Just good company.” I shrug.

“No nighttime jaunts to the lagoon, either. And I mean it this time.” Now his glare is authentic.

“Yeah, yeah. I know. Stay out of the lagoon. Out of the forest. Out of the lockers. Pretend to like my boring life.”

He almost looks sympathetic. “One of these days you’ll understand.”

“What? Why I can’t swim at night?”

“You’re impossible sometimes, and the reason I ask you to cut your hair is to set a good example.”

I let out a tired sigh. My hand runs over my smooth scalp, the shadow of bristles so short and sun-bleached, my reflection in a mirror looks hairless. If not for my deeply tanned skin, I would look anemic.

“Seems a waste. Six or more inches of attractive dark hair again and again swept into the trash.” My jaw sets as our discussion continues. “I like my hair long. It makes me feel …”

“Like a rock star?” He chuckles, scrubbing my head playfully. “In so many ways you remain such a child, yet you desire to be worldly. Do you admire them?”

“Not as you might be thinking.” My eyes lower, landing upon my anxious toes digging through a mound of sand.

I swing my gaze across the vast horizon which is now shaded with purples and blues, fantasizing about the places beyond. The order of the world not contained within this globe of existence called Defiance Island. I know the temperament of the waywards, but wonder what others are like. Are they beautiful? Intelligent? Kindhearted? Do they possess the nature that can make a man want to tear another to shreds?

About the Author

January Valentine is the pen name of Victoria Valentine, New York writer and indie book publisher. See Victoria’s Author pages:

I chose to use a pen name because some of my writing is steamy, and I wanted to separate Victoria, who writes contemporary fiction and children’s storybooks. Since my birth month is January, January Valentine seemed an appropriate pseudonym.

I also host a blogtalkradio show: Away With Words, every Wednesday evening at 6 PM EST where I interview other writers and poets and discuss writing in general:

In June, I released my first paranormal romance, Beautiful Experiment, book one of Island of Defiance Trilogy. Wheel Wolf was released on August 20th, and instantly became an Amazon bestseller in Horror/Suspense/Paranormal.

I’ve written three other novels: Love Dreams contemporary romance, Sweet Dreams in the Mind of a Serial Killer, and Head Over Wheels New Adult romance. All are available on Amazon and other booksellers, or will be shortly in ebook and paperback.

I publish books for other authors through Water Forest Press, which I founded some years ago. In the past I have written poetry and song lyrics, but now I focus on fiction. I’ve created multiple websites and blogs that I don’t have time to manage very well.

My desire to be in a rock band brought me into a recording studio … where my lyrics sprang to life with the help of a local alternative rock band. Together, we produced a CD.

I enjoy designing book covers and YouTube videos, and outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. I love all kinds of music. Watching horror flicks and Tyler Perry movies are my escape from reality.

I have an addiction to engraved pens that I buy to accompany each of my books. My office is filled with paperbacks, t-shirts, silver bullets, wolf head necklaces, crystals, and all kinds of swag. 

My sites and pages.





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