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How lucky are kids these days? Back when I was in school we had a Commodore 64 that everyone shared. If you wanted to make a stick figure dance you could program pages and pages of code and hope that there were no typing errors. Today kids have the apps at their fingertips to animate an entire movie if they so desire…at the touch of a fingertip.

Todays News Corp released it’s Amplify Tablet (click for the story). A tablet geared for everyday use in the classroom by teachers and students. Want to turn in your homework? Who needs messy paperwork? Just download from your tablet to your teacher’s tablet. The Amplify Tablet is geared specifically for education. Teachers can monitor useage and administer study guides and test. Students home sick can conference into their classes. Weak in certain areas? Children can get test alerts on the tablet and parents can tell what areas a child needs to focus on by seeing what the child has mastered.

On paper this sounds like a great idea. I’d love for Alex to have this sort of technology. Her teacher has a website but these days when her father or I ask if she has a test she’ll tell us the subject and then inevitably follows with, “But I already know it.” Does she? She gets good grades so I’m inclined to trust her but how cool would it be to hover over her like some sort of helicopter and know for sure….if you get what I’m saying.

Cool idea. I’d love to see this in my daughter’s school but it makes me wonder where we’re headed.