Bleagh: A Book about Values by Leana Lyn Doray & Little Pink Pebble

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Publication Date: May 22, 2013

LD_Bleagh_ValuesBleagh is new to school and a little different from the other children. Not only is Bleagh from a faraway place but he’s a blue monster! Will Bleagh be able to learn the customs of his new school with the help of his great classmates?




The publisher of this picture book, Kite Readers, provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for my review.


BLEAGH! A book about values is an adorably drawn book that teaches children to embrace difference. Each page is a value lesson with a badge of the value illustrated (I do question if creativity is indeed a value but why not, let’s toss it in). Bleagh is very different from his classmates, so they work with him to adapt to his new school. There are probably some overt touches that young readers might not get (smelly food was one that gave me pause). Because of the division within the values, this is a great book for reading each day in order to embrace new experiences. Children can make a game and relate that “experience of the day” to their own lives. How did the children help Bleagh that day and what would the child reading the book do?

The best thing about this picture book is the illustration. Each page is colorful, attractive and perfectly reflects the story. Bleagh’s illustrated character appears to be a more relatable and less scary Maurice Sendek type monster.  There is a joy of movement in the blue monster as he wallows in garbage and learns values from his classmates that will attract pre-schoolers. BLEAGH! A book about values is a great book for young readers and perfect for the classroom. This is book one of the Values series.


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