ANTics by Dakota Douglas

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Publication Date: June 23, 2012


DD_AnticsIn the world of InhabitANT, a kingdom in an English garden, three friends, ExuberANT, BrillANT and HesitANT have an adventure. Eleven-year-old Alex, wrote this review with some grammar edits from Tammy.





When my mom first talked about reviewing this book I didn’t think I’d like it. It sounded very “little-kid” to me. At the start of the story, Zube crosses the Forbidden QuadrANT and risks being crushed by “Two Legs” and I was hooked. The Ant characters are fun!

The bad guy is named RepugnANT and he’s a spider. I hate spiders. They freak me out. The Ants hate spiders too but that’s because the spider wants to kill all of them. He had a really bad childhood, but that’s no excuse for wanting to kill ants!

The way that the author writes is fun and the action was very fun. The Ants have adventures together that are risky. Sometimes life gets busy so Mom and me couldn’t read it in one sitting, but I didn’t want to stop reading!

This book doesn’t have any pictures but it’s a lot of fun. Children in Grade one or two who are just learning to read would love it for book reports at school or just to read for fun.


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